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Casa Grace Home

This home, envisioned as a departure from the safe and known, was planned with an energy of freedom and ease. We took inspiration from the colour stories of European club culture and merged it with local Indian woods and textiles.

Marble Arch London

Located in one of central London's most coveted neighbourhoods, this 3-bed 3-bath residence is a true real estate gem.

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The Modern Twist Home

Located in a new building at Mumbai’s BKC district, this airy four-bed apartment owned by a young family was an exuberant attempt at representing their varied personalities.

The Dreamy Studio Remodel

When a long time client, and a dear friend needed a fashionable studio space in an unassuming neighbourhood of Bandra, the team left no room for chances.

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The Misu Home

When fashion influencer and connoisseur of luxury Summiyya Patni of House of Misu enlisted CASA NOVO for transforming her home, Ekta knew they had to deliver something special.

Casa Novo Studio

Steering away from the rigidity of a conventional office is this project, that was designed to embody a friendly co-working environment, similar to that of a casual coffee shop.

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Big Little House

We were approached by the daughter of our 85-year-old client, to design, and quickly spruce up her father’s apartment where he lives by himself. And there we found our inspiration.

Modern Pastel

Created and designed with a lot of freedom and love, is this compact modern apartment nestled in the suburbs of Mumbai. 

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Holiday Home Restyle

We left no stone unturned, when we got a call back from one of our favorite clients to style and decorate his 4-bedroom apartment in Mumbai.

Colour Pop Home

Our point of inspiration for this apartment was the “colour-block” trend in fashion as well as imagery from that season’s runway looks.

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Mayfair Home

This apartment, a brand new property purchased by our client, started out as a simple reno with a basic brief to create a comfortable home for the family. What it turned out to become eventually, was something none of us anticipated. 

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Stylist Studio Remodel

Inspired by our client’s personal spunk, and her need for a vivacious space that would double up as a work cum living space, this compact studio exudes both functionality and fun!

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Cuffe Parade Home

With the basic design and structures in place, our studio came in to the picture at the furniture and styling stage. Our approach with this home for a young family of four was to create a warm, comfortable and curated space.

Vintage Chic
Basement Remodel

We set out to create an almost vintage, gentleman’s club vibe, a space that became ideal for entertaining friends post working hours.

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Bedroom Remodel

A fresh, modern and playful take on a bedroom suite remodel.

Old Bandra Living Room Restyle

We turned an under-utilised space, which was just a passing room for our clients, into a comfortable room that became the heart of their home and centre of all their family and friends gatherings.

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