Casa Novo’s vision for turning interior design and luxury styling into a seamless process can be credited to the discerning eye of the brand’s founder and creator, Ekta Khialani. As an interior design and home styling label, Casa Novo serves as a boutique agency for fashionable new homes and elegant spaces. 


Growing up, Ekta found herself drawn to the visual appeal and interaction of spaces and how different spaces made her feel. Following through on her ardent inclination towards home décor and furniture, Ekta studied Interior Design at The University of The Arts, London.


Her nuanced design philosophy is beautifully enunciated in the projects she has worked on in Mumbai and around the world. With her eye for intricate detail and guidance, Casa Novo heralds in a solution for clients who want to enjoy glamorous spaces, and stunning environments that are both comfortable and practical.


The label also offers bespoke options for clients who’ve invested in beautiful spaces and require a touch of luxurious styling to complete their vision and pull it together.




The world of luxury interiors finds a new entrant in Casa Novo, a specialised label that offers luxury styling, curated décor and home makeovers. What started as an endeavour to break free from the constraints of conventional construction and design has blossomed into a thriving service that offers home-owners a unique approach to luxury styling. The payoff comes in the form of helping the whole ambience reflect their personal aesthetic with elaborate space makeovers through extensive furniture overhaul, décor and styling.


Casa Novo fills the gap in the market for a bespoke styling and décor service that has a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs and offers a complete space refresher. While initially focusing on homes, boutique luxury offices and studios, the brand found a market for larger palettes like hotels, holiday villas and penthouses, luxury offices, show flats and luxury rentals.


Casa Novo understands the missing link in the market for a well-curated décor and styling service and strives to make luxury styling and decor easily accessible to people. With fresh as well as timeless ideas for décor, Casa Novo would like to make the styling and décor of any space an effortless process for clients.



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